Easter 2024. When it’s Easter in Bulgaria in 2024?

Easter in Bulgaria

Easter in Bulgaria in 2024 is on May 5th 2024.

Easter is a public holiday in Bulgaria and besides the weekend of May 4th and 5th, non working days are also May 3rd – Friday and May 6th – Monday.

Besides Easter, Bulgarians also have a public holiday on May 1st – International Labor Day on Thursday and because of May 6th – Bulgarian Armed Forces Day and St. George’s Day, which happens on the same day as Easter Monday, they will have rest day also on May 7th. Some Bulgarians take days off to make a long holiday merging all those non working days.

The Holiday brings the end to the Orthodox Easter fasting, which begins from the Monday after the Sirni Zagovezni Celebration which is on March 18th. 

When are the Bulgarian Orthodox Easter Fasting and when is Easter in Bulgaria the next five years:

Beginning of Bulgarian Easter Fasting – March 18th.  Orthodox Easter – May 5th.

Beginning of Bulgarian Easter Fasting – March 2nd.  Orthodox Easter – April 20th.

Beginning of Bulgarian Easter Fasting – February 22th.  Orthodox Easter – April 12th.

Beginning of Bulgarian Easter Fasting – March 15th.  Orthodox Easter – May 2nd.

Beginning of Bulgarian Easter Fasting – February 28th.  Orthodox Easter – April 16th.

Some interesting facts about Orthodox Easter

Easter is on a different date every year. The earliest possible date is April 4th and the latest possible date is May 8th. In 2010, we celebrated Easter on April 4, and this is the last time we celebrate on that date in this century. We will celebrate on May 8th in the year 2078.

The countries that celebrate Easter on May 5, 2024 are: Belarus, Bulgaria, Greece, Georgia, Cyprus, Moldova, Romania, Russia, North Macedonia, Serbia, Ukraine, Montenegro and… Ethiopia.

The date of Easter is calculated as follows. It is the first Sunday after the first full moon after the vernal equinox. Catholic Easter and Orthodox Easter sometimes fall on the same date, and more often they are on different dates, because Catholics calculate Easter according to the Gregorian calendar, while Orthodox – according to the Julian calendar.

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